Black Canyon SUP Trip

I've written blog posts about Black Canyon in the past.  I don't always say a lot, but the fact that I keep on returning to this incredible paddling destination pretty much says it all.  For this trip, I co-guided with Erin O'Malley of Sunset Standup Paddle out of Laguna Beach, CA.  She's now offering this trip in a 4-day format a few times per year.  

For now, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.  Until the next trip, I'll just daydream of fast water, unbelievable eddy hopping, slot canyons, hot springs, wildlife and vast panoramas...

simply spectacular

a view of camp

every good day of paddling starts with some good coffee.  Compliments of

Kicking Horse Coffee


getting ready for another day on the water

I love waking to this view.

Maggie from

Blue Paddle SUP