Traveling SUP setup

I've been working on a system for SUP traveling for some years and at every step I've made changes to improve it.  My parameters are simple.  It needs to be 50 pounds or less, it needs to hold everything I need for a trip and it cannot include any unnecessary equipment.



  • The 14' Elite is hard to beat. It continuously exceeds my expectations for performance & durability. If I could own just one board, this would be it. The only thing I've had to do is trim the battens, add deck attachments & repair the fin box.

  • The Werner Nitro M is pretty great. I do plan to shorten the two longer pieces by about 1" in order to make packing easier and more streamlined. Right now, those are the longest pieces in my kit and are a bit too tall for the pack.

  • The Seal Line 115L Pro Portage Pack is awesome. It's well designed, well built and very comfortable with a 50lb load. I am disappointed that I've worn two holes in the bag after just one flight, but I blame myself for bad packing. Holes are easily repaired anywhere since the repair kit includes everything necessary to do the job quickly.