Sacramento River SUP Weekend - Sunday

Sunday I joined up with Jason & Just Kayak More again for another day of Sacramento River Play.  We launched as a smaller group of 5 for a downriver paddle stopping at three really fun play spots along the way.  Sun was out, sky was blue and we were pumped.  The first spot is just downriver from the California 100 startline and the Sundial Bridge.  A small chute that offered really good ferrying practice and some surfing on the front wave.  We took turns playing, making sure to conserve some energy for the rest of the day.  The second spot was a good sized hole at the first bend below the Sundial Bridge.  We spent the most time here and I tried over and over to lock into the "bronco ride" but spent more time swimming than surfing.  The third spot was another chute draining out of Kutras Pond.  On my first attempt I dropped in from above but missed the green wave and fell off into the wave train.  Bummer.  Riding the eddies back up, I struggled to get into the wave and got spent recovering from each fall.  Over all, a really really fun day of paddling and I will be back to dial-in these features.  Redding is on the map as a fun & diverse paddling destination.

ferrying the chute.  Photo by Jason Montelongo.

Adrianna getting past her fears and charging.  Photo by Jason Montelongo.

Fun crew.  William, Tiffney, Adrianna, Jason and myself.

Trying to stay in the hole at the bend.  Photo by Jason Montelongo.
William Holley, surfing nicely.  Photo by Jason Montelongo.
Playing on the Escalator, an interesting feature on the Sacramento River.  Photo by Jason Montelongo.
another swimming opportunity.  Photo by Jason Montelongo.