Sea Otter Classic, April 5th - 14th

Sea Otter Classic!  One of the best events of the year loaded with long days, exciting competition and an incredible team of people.  Camp fire sessions, radio chatter, stupid question of the day.  Gator done!

If you've never attended, check it out next year.  For a long weekend in Monterey, 60,000+ people celebrate cycling at Laguna Seca Raceway with a jam-packed schedule of road racing, dual-slalom, downhill, cross-country, coastal tours, dirt jumping, cyclocross and dozens of other bike events.  Surround that with an enormous expo of over 400 different exhibitors with all the newest products.  Top that off with family friendly activities, movie premiers, good food and plenty of beer to wash it down.  I'm not religious, but I'd call that bike heaven.  Not a bad place to live for 10 days each spring.

I've been working on the team for 6 years with dozens of other 'work all day work all night' core crew with experience to spare.  It's one of these events where the people make it exceptional.  Not to downplay the cycling, because it's highly energetic and inspiring, but the people are just plain fun and transform work into play.  Positive vibes are abundant.  Good times.

my ride for the week

WRX test drive

Dual Slalom start

Flyover on the cyclocross course

the office

Cyclocross - the craziest spectator event at Sea Otter