Baja California Sur

Machaca, Totopos, titanium silverware and Mr. Sandman.  Mulege to Loreto is an awesome route with challenging conditions, beautiful scenery, plentiful wildlife and a great representation of what Baja has to offer.  I spent ten days with a group of seven others on this route.  All were skilled and experienced paddlers coming onto the trip with different reasons for participating and varied expectations.  I made new friends, strengthened existing relationships and managed to fall in love with Baja along the way.  

As I write this I'm 8 hours into a 24 hour bus ride from La Paz to Tijuana.  Post trip I travelled to Los Barriles for a few days of paddleboarding & relaxing with friends.  After that I took a whirlwind drive in the south stopping in Cabo & Todos Santos then to La Paz for an odd night of rain and crime.  I've been on the road 25 days now and am ready to get home.  For Baja, this is just 'bye for now' because I will be back soon.  

I'm not much for writing up long, detailed trip reports so check out the photos below and at

Now I'm getting in the car for an overnight drive to Vegas.  Four days of paddling coming up!

Rigged and ready - Day One

Lots of sailing with Flat Earth sails

Day of the Dead Alter

A little team building....

Mexico's best sea kayaking guide - Santiago.

Sunset over Loreto

Last sunset